Henry Valdez Polanco

Software Engineer / WordPress Expert

About Me

I’m Henry Valdez a WordPress Developer from Dominican Republic . I have more than 10 years of experience as a web and mobile application developer, providing services to more than 100 companies, agencies and private clients.

I am a Software Engineer graduated from the Universidad Abierta para Adultos (UAPA).  DIPLOMA

Programming languages

PHP 95%
Javascript 80%
HTML 95%
CSS 95%


Database 90%
Git / Github 80%
English 80%


Bootstrap 95%
Laravel 40%
React 40%
Ionic 70%

Recent WordPress Projects


Custom made WordPress Theme for a music site.

TheCapAdvisor Theme / App

Custom WordPress Theme and Mobile App created from Scratch.

SegurosPepin Payment System

SegurosPepin users can now pay for their policy online or policy online or quote a policy for their vehicles totally online thanks to this system

Sombrilla MLM / MultiLevel Marketing Plugin

More than a dozen multilevel companies all over the Internet use or have used my platform. It includes a payment system, commissions, custom trees, two-step authentication, bonuses, binaries plans, statistics and much more.

Customizer Plugin for SingularList

This plugin allow clients from SingularList to create their custom cover, chose color, text, emojis, etc.